Research study


This study is now closed. This video has information about the study and what taking part involved.

This study was supported by the THT User Involvement Programme (, coordinated by Bakita Kasadha, Lynnet Akol and Mark Caffrey at THT, and Abigail Durrant and Caroline Claisse at Newcastle University, in collaboration with John Bird at University of Bristol.

If you would like any further information, or have any queries about this study, please email the THT User Involvement Programme team at and Abigail Durrant (Principal Investigator of Study) at

Community Feature of the CHIME app: ‘What if…?’

This short video will introduce you to a design proposal for adding a Community Feature to at prototype smartphone app called CHIME.

A Community feature would aim to enable CHIME app users to connect with each other and to share information, to support self-care for living well with a long term health condition like HIV. However, as researchers, we may ask: what kinds of personal, social and ethical issues or challenges may be raised by the use of a feature like this?