Dr Simone Stumpf

Simone is a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design, School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering. Her research focus is end-user interactions with personal information, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and physical computing systems. She has authored over 60 publications in international journals and conference proceedings, and been an investigator on healthcare research projects that have attracted significant funding, such as SCAMPI (Self-Care Advice, Monitoring, Planning and Intervention). She has worked extensively with private companies through research contracts, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), and consultancy. Dr Stumpf also has experience as a User Experience Architect researching, designing and evaluating user interfaces in a commercial context. Dr Stumpf brings her expertise in investigating the capture and sharing of personal information and co-designing new applications and online tools to the INTUIT project. She has co-authored several publications that address technology for people living with HIV.