Presentation at the Children HIV Association (CHIVA) Conference

The NU team and peer researcher at THT collaborated with the Children’s HIV Association (CHIVA) and its Youth Committee (CYC) to explore young people self-management of HIV in relation to their wellbeing. Young people with perinatally acquired HIV are a unique cohort due to the route of transmission. Insights from a workshop and diary study were presented at the CHIVA Annual Conference (2020). This early impact provided distinctly different perspectives on the INTUIT research subject matter, to those previously articulated by adult participants in INTUIT studies. This activity opened up new research directions whilst informing the INTUIT project about psychosocial dimensions of HIV self-management and self-care, particularly when transitioning to adult care.

[This engagement resulted in two follow up grant proposals co-developed between NU and CHIVA: EPSRC Digital Economy Telling Tales of Engagement and NIHR ARC Open Funding Competition.]