Presentation at Department of Health and Social Care

An invited presentation about the INTUIT research programme (entitled 'On Ethically Responsible Technology Innovation in Digital Healthcare') was given at the Department of Health and Social Care in June 2019, as part of the Science Seminar series. INTUIT researchers presenting were Durrant (Newcastle University, NU), Luger, (University of Edinburgh, UoE), and Bussone, (City).
Using INTUIT as a case study, the talk focused on the challenges posed by intelligent (AI) data-driven systems, and how we might design more ethical systems and interactions. We presented early insights from INTUIT studies, of sharing personal data with the HIV peer community to support the self-management of HIV. The talk also highlighted an analysis of current ethical frameworks, prompting a seminar discussion about how systems for sharing personal health data should ensure effective informing, and could support users in making voluntary choices about how and when they share information, and in reviewing and withdrawing the data.