Dr Jon Bird

Jon is Associate Professor in Digital Health at Bristol. His research focus is on developing mobile technologies for a range of health domains, including tracking the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV. His recent projects include: a longitudinal study of the use and effectiveness of activity trackers (Fitbits); systems development work for the NHS to enable Transfusion Practitioners to interpret blood audit data and use this to plan how to reduce unnecessary blood transfusions in hospitals (Co-I NIHR funded). Other notable initiatives in which Bird has had an involvement include: mobile app development work to rapidly conduct verbal autopsies in low resource settings (PI WHO funded); machine learning applications to analyse medical data; studies of the effectiveness of medical technologies in situ (bar code medication systems in hospitals and the use of an electronic system for GPs to request hospital tests for patients, and the use of electronic prescription systems). Of central interest to Bird is developing technologies to facilitate the collection, sharing and understanding of health data.