Understanding trust, security and privacy concerns for adults living with HIV

This summer, researchers based at City, University of London have conducted interviews to understand how adults, living with HIV, share health information online. The study involved semi-structured interviews and comfort rating activities to capture how comfortable people might feel about sharing health information (and how that changes depending on person and situation).

Comfort rating-1
An example of comfort rating activity

In total, 26 people were interviewed, from a broad range of backgrounds:

Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 09.53.05

Many thanks to our interviewees! Many thanks to Brigstowe, George House Trust and Terrence Higgins Trust for hosting the interviews too.

Key learnings: recruitment

One of the key learnings was the recruitment approach. We provided a range of ways to engage: face-to-face, virtually, in the home and in venues based around the country (in Bristol, Glasgow, London and Manchester). We also reached out to a range of HIV charities and support services, which accounted for the broad range of interviewees.

Next steps

The interviews have been transcribed, and are currently being analysed to draw out key themes. The analysis will help to inform a ‘co-design’ (collaborative design) session that will be taking place in the summer, plus the next phase of the project that involves the design and prototyping of new applications.

Written by Bakita and Adrian

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